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Faldan Celebrates The Multiple Identities Of Every Woman

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

What does a tax lawyer have in common with a cancer survivor and a proud (but guilty) feminist? Everything. They’re all in the same person. Faldan celebrates the multiple identities of every woman: the many complementary contradictions that make up each one of us.

Faldan – the world’s first ethical luxury foldable bag – exists to champion women. Its founder: mother, inventor and former UN Climate Negotiator Laura Hanning, created the bag not only as a symbol of sustainability but also to act as a ‘partner in crime’ to life’s ultimate jugglers. One bag to serve the multiple versions and complexities of you.

The #FaldanWomen campaign is a celebration of how one woman contains many identities. The boss. The mother. The partner. The thinker. The organiser. The supporter. The runner. The student. The daydreamer. The brand chose nine women who embodied this idea – some of whom inspired the Faldan bag in the first place.

“As women we live these various contradictions every day, trying to do and be it all. Sometimes we juggle successfully, and sometimes not so much,” explains Laura. “We want to be able to be fabulous but also be taken seriously, to be sexy and smart, a dreamer but also a doer.”

The campaign was shot by photographer and style editor Candice Lake, who also stars. The line-up continues with Laura Hanning, strategist Sindy Liu, artist Indre Serpytyte, opera director and playwright Dalia Ibelhauptaite, founder of fashion rental service By Rotation, Eshita Kabra, award-winning brand consultant Kubi Springer, city lawyer Asta Evans and skin guru Renée Lapino.

Faldan was born out of Laura’s own life of juggling, compounded with the guilt of not wanting to add unnecessary waste to the planet by using disposable bags. The idea was a perfectly foldable bag, but not like any other. It would be one that could be neat and unobtrusive, and then big and bold when required. “I wanted to create a bag version of me and every amazing woman I know: the ultimate multi-tasker.”

Follow @FaldanBag to see the campaign and their stories.

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