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"For pioneers. Workaholics. Bosses. Thinkers. For mothers. Partners. Runners. Travelers. For all the multi-taskers. Faldan is designed for life’s jugglers. For those who need a fashionable partner in crime in an otherwise hectic life. A bag that goes big one minute, and perfectly tucks away the next. Faldan is for maximisers who don’t settle. A bag for those who strive to lead more conscious lives through intelligent fashion choices. Faldan is the world's first ethical luxury foldable bag. One bag for the multiple versions of you. Join the revolution."


Faldan believes in a better world through smart design. Founded by former UN Climate Negotiator Laura Hanning in 2019, Faldan is the world's first ethical luxury foldable bag. Smart, geometric markings in the fabric create a unique pattern and, crucially, allow the bag to fold down seamlessly into an iPhone-sized purse. Faldan is the ultimate 'second bag' - a timeless and beautiful option to replace all the carrier bags and cotton totes we accumulate. Once folded, the bag fits into a small handbag or a pocket, encouraging it to be kept close and used in case of ad-hoc shopping or carrying larger items like laptops, books or trainers. The size of the open bag was meticulously calculated to hold at least 15 litres - the equivalent capacity required for the daily shop or for carrying gym kit, business documents or tech. Faldan is your new style partner in crime.

"Faldan's mission is to reduce dependency on plastic bags by providing an ethical, functional and beautiful alternative. Faldan’s vision is to transform the way people consume: inspiring them to buy less, but buy smart."


The Faldan bag was created after months of trials folding origami shapes and calculating the best size and volume to make a useful and purposeful bag – that remained beautiful. The final Faldan bag was created after consultations with mathematicians, engineers and craftsmen to ensure the finest attention to detail, precision and function. 

Faldan was developed in London and Wiltshire, but looked to Florence to find the skilled craftsmanship needed to bring this pioneering design to life. Faldan’s partners in Tuscany place social responsibility at the heart of their production values, blending traditional artisanal practices with innovative technologies to create new futureproof techniques.


We use ethical, responsibly-sourced or recycled materials wherever possible. We're not perfect, but we're always striving to be better. We have a transparent production promise to only use leather that is a by-product of the meat industry, thus having a smaller environmental footprint than producing new fabrics. All Faldan leather is sourced from gold-rated tanneries that are leading the way in reducing the environmental impact of leather production.  Faldan's new recycled nylon bag is vegan-friendly and was crafted with the same attention to detail, material quality and production values as the leather version. 

“The Faldan bag is the result of long periods of trial and error, not just for the design itself but then in how to bring it to life in the most mindful and sustainable way possible. Ultimately it needs to be durable and timeless: I want it to be the bag you have with you at all times, to replace the purchase of cheap totes or plastic carrier bags.” 
- Laura Hanning, Founder, Faldan


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