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Using Maths To Make Fashion Ethical

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

It is a misconception that all fashion is a product of divine inspiration. Faldan, the world’s first foldable luxury ethical bag, is the result of long hours of mathematical calculations, geometric equations, invention, innovation, and endless research to serve the needs of a modern woman. She is a juggler in life, a workaholic, an artist, a boss, a mother, a partner, pioneer maybe a lover, who is fabulous and conscious at the same time. She is a maximiser, who only want the best and don’t settle for less.

Something that Laura Hanning knows all too well. The former UN Climate Negotiator and Cambridge Graduate engineered Faldan to be a partner in crime to the hectic lives we lead: a revolution in a bag to be at one with multiple identities we embrace.

A bag that could replace all others, to fit in with the ever-evolving schedules of our day was created using maths as well as inspiration. A bag that could be both big and small, (just like we feel in different times of the day) that would conveniently collapse down to the size of an i-Phone as it could then spring back to life again. A bag that would take into account our current environmental concerns. A bag that would function just as brilliantly as it looked beautiful. A bag that would end the need for too many totes and the last-minute purchase of an unnecessary supermarket carrier bag.

Using every spare moment of the day drawing, or folding origami shapes to find the perfect foldable equation, Hanning took an accessories design course at London College of Fashion, from which she launched the brand in 2019. Painstakingly calculating the best size for the bag (which has a 15-litre capacity) and its corresponding foldable 30 triangles and 32 squares, she didn’t stop there, searching out the most sustainable materials she could find with which to realise her idea.

The bag is made from jigsaw of only ethical materials: a recycled nylon of plastic bottles and old fish nets, and leather off-cuts, with the packaging made from recycled coffee cups sourced from locally and in Europe. Its ingenious wraparound fasten doubles up as a sturdy strap featuring hardware to give a luxe feel. The design, notably, has been registered for a patent and embraces Britain’s rich heritage for innovation and craftsmanship. One genius product, sustainable, light and durable underpinned by an academic approach that makes it fashion forward in more ways than one: a bag that will not let you down. A bag to beat all bags. 

About Laura Hanning

A self-confessed maximiser who doesn’t settle, Hanning graduated with a Masters from the University of Cambridge and spent almost a decade working in environmental policy and UN climate negotiations. She was one of the youngest heads of UN national delegations at the age of 28, and served as the vice chair of UN Adaptation Fund, overseeing efforts to address climate change in developing countries. In 2019, Hanning founded Faldan - ethical luxury design label, following accessories design course at the London College of Fashion. 

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