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We believe intelligent and beautiful design can make a difference. Faldan is the world’s first luxury fully foldable bag, created to encourage us to buy less, buy better and do more. Faldan is for multi-taskers. An indispensable partner for workaholics, pioneers, carers and creators who believe that sustainability doesn’t always require compromise. Faldan’s innovative design takes up less space to leave more for you. 


Faldan is a work of precision engineering, using a unique geometric construction that allows the bag to fold-down to the size of an iPhone. This design is so pioneering that we have registered a patent to protect it. The materials used to create Faldan are just as innovative and stay true to our conscience.


We’ve worked hard to create Faldan in the most sustainable way possible, sourcing innovative and ethical materials and working with the world’s best artisans. 


We use Econyl - a recycled nylon that’s made from fishing nets and regenerated waste fabric. Although it looks and feels the same as new nylon, it requires less water and energy to produce and can be recycled into something else one day. Although you won’t want to.  


We weren’t sure we wanted to create a leather Faldan, but the alternatives didn’t feel luxurious enough or have a small enough environmental footprint. Instead, we made a promise to only use leather that is a by-product of the meat industry. Our luxurious French calf-leather has been sourced from gold-rated tanneries that are leading the way in reducing the environmental impact of leather production.


We’ve used Salpa for Faldan’s side panels, a durable and highly-flexible material that is made by bonding regenerated and waste leather scraps with a natural adhesive. 


Finding the right adhesive has been one of the hardest challenges, but we’ve managed to use a water-based glue for most of our production. We recognise that most isn’t all, so we’re working on this. 


The packaging that protects your bag is made in the UK from recycled coffee cups, turning something practical into something beautiful.


Faldan was developed in London and Wiltshire, but we had to look to Florence to find the skilled craftsmanship we needed. Our partners in Tuscany place social responsibility at the heart of their production, blending traditional artisanal practices with innovative technologies to create new techniques.

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